Blast Off!

Date: 20th Jan 2022 @ 9:58am

We have now started with our new topic Blast Off!

We have started to learn about rockets, the different stages of a rocket and what happens as rockets blast off to the moon. Did you know that only three astronauts can fit inside a rocket and they only have 2.7m to move around in?

The children have made junk model rockets, built in three stages, as we learned that the first two stages are filled with fuel and as soon as the fuel is used they drop back down to Earth. We have also been building larger rockets using our outdoor equipment, and pretended to be astronauts blasting off into Space.

We thought about the things that we might see if we blasted off to Space and used our phonic knowledge to make lists. Take a look at the radios we made too, so we can communicate all the things we have seen and found during our space explorations. We practised writing numbers as we made the buttons!



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