Religious Education

Aims and objectives.

Religious Education is important in the development of the whole child. At Sutton Oak, we aim to enable our pupils to become mature, self-motivated young people by promoting pupils’ spiritual, moral, cultural and mental development within a physically and emotionally secure environment. This is outlined in our Mission Statement:

Our school family, where all are valued, is centred on faith in Christ.

Whilst the main focus of teaching centres on Christianity, by the end of KS2 all children will also have the opportunity to develop their knowledge and understanding of Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism.

The aims of Religious Education are:

  • To provide learning opportunities in which their understanding of themselves, others and the world in which they live will be extended. 
  • To allow all children to access and succeed in their RE work, (irrespective of their religion, beliefs, gender, ethnicity or academic ability).
  • To encourage an understanding of peoples, beliefs, values and practices, therefore developing a respect and sensitivity towards others.
  • To gain an insight into beliefs and how commitment to a religion may be expressed.
  • To nurture a sense of awe and wonder at the mystery of creation and God.
  • To provide pupils with the opportunity to reflect on and respond to values, beliefs and practices of religions and philosophies, therefore developing a deeper understanding of the impact of religion on the individual, the community and the environment.
  • To allow children to develop their own set of beliefs, attitudes and values.
  • To understand the importance of – and their role within – a set of shared values and desirable personal qualities, (such as politeness, perseverance, concern for others, initiative and independence.)
  • To enable pupils to be familiar with a body of religious knowledge, principles, skills and vocabulary. These will support them in their ability to develop informed opinions and support reasonable arguments.

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