At Sutton Oak C of E Primary School, we aim to teach Science in a way that helps our children understand the world around them. We are constantly looking for opportunities for children to experience the awe and wonder of our world. We intend that the teaching of Science will encompass the Christian beliefs and ethos of the school. With this in mind, the acknowledgment of scientific theories is linked to the teachings of the Bible. 


Our aims in teaching Science are to enable children to:
•    develop an enquiring mind and scientific approach to problems;
•    pose questions and devise experiments to answer them;
•    interpret findings critically;
•    communicate and record observations and results in a variety of ways;
•    appreciate patterns and relationships;
•    develop pupils use of ICT in their Science studies;
•    develop positive attitudes which encourage collaborative learning and perseverance when working with different groups of children.

Teaching Approaches

Science is taught through ‘Learning Challenges’ with an emphasis on pupils engaging in practical enquiry to support and develop their understanding of scientific concepts and skills. We endeavour to provide a rich and exciting environment with visual, auditory and kinaesthetic stimuli to help children engage fully with the subject. Children are encouraged to use all their senses to perceive objects and happenings around them and to ask questions about their environment, offering their own ideas about these questions. Children are given opportunities to decide which of their ideas can be tested and are supported in designing their own experiments. Science is linked to other areas of the curriculum where appropriate.

The teaching of Science also allows for children’s understanding of Health and Safety to be developed. The safe use of equipment and materials is promoted at all times and children are encouraged to spot risks and take measures to make experiments safe.


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