Head Boy & Head Girl go to Town Hall for Democracy Debate

Our Head Boy 'Andrew’ and Head Girl 'Leah' represented the school on Tuesday 9th October for the Primary School Democracy Debate at The Town Hall.

The theme of the day was the United Nations Charter for Children’s Rights.

Andrew and Leah joined other primary school pupils and discussed what the charter on children’s rights was stating.

Four groups of primary pupils worked on their thoughts and ideas as to what could be put in place by St Helens Council to meet the United Nations Children’s Rights Charter.

Each group gave a presentation on their ideas in the council chamber of the town hall.

The Madam Mayor, The Deputy Mayor and the chair of St Helens Youth Council where in attendance.

At the end of the presentation all pupils voted on the idea they felt should go to St Helens Council to be rolled out within the borough.


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